Below are a few blocks shown out of the 2016 BOM Quilt

---------- Each Block measures 12 1/2 inches ------------

Halloween 2016, I Love My Mummy !!  Saw this on Rob Appell's site, who brought the design back from Market from Amy Barickman at Indigo Juction; and, I had to do it, with my own twist of course, it's all in THE EYES!  What fun it was too, opening creative doors I wasn't looking for, like a Halloween costume as a Mummy, I continued the theme...

With four days of quilting, we had many projects to choose from, or we could try them all!  I zeroed in on The Disappearing Hourglass, designed by Jenny Doan, using Kaffe Fassett and Kona Greyscale frabrics, all cotton.  

The retreat was named "Indulge" for a reason, we were definitely indulged! 

Pictured here with Jenny Doan, the designer of this quilt I made for my daughter, Yarrow, Christmas of 2015.  Jenny is from Hamilton, Missouri and we were fortunate here on Kauai to have her for four days at the Indulge Retreat held at Kauai Beach Club Resort, July 6-10 of 2016.  Jenny had designed "THE PRESENT" quilt years ago, and I fell in love with it, had to make it for Yarrow.  I never dreamed I would hold it up with Jenny.  How strange life is!

‚ÄčIn late 2015, Discount Fabric Warehouse participated in the National Pillow Case Challenge.  We made 53 pillow cases for the Kauai YWCA Women's Shelter.
Mahalo -
Carol Ikeda, Jane Kani, Cheryl Brady, Elizabeth Mores, Susan Rowe, Leatrici Tanaka, Lillian Akagi, Taylor, Rowe, Mary Zakula, Cemona Manuel, Joanne Watson, Lesley Morris, Dona Cunningham, Carole Carr, Marian Ogata

This challenge takes place every year, the end goal- A Million Pillow Cases made Nationally for various charities.

Job well done, special thanks to Erika Hessheimer, (left) for organizing our workshops.

I have yet to compete this quilt top, but am very happy with it on my wall for now.  It's a wonderful remembrance of that time, and yes I have great plans to finish it!  Stay turned :)

...but WAIT- there's more...

Some Artist, whatever their medium are Loners, and some have a need for comradery, to learn and share.  As a quilter/fabric artist, I'm always learning and will never stop, it's a wall one can not hit!  I can watch 5 different Youtube tutorials about binding a quilt, and pickup some tidbit of information that I didn't know.  

On Kauai, and everywhere, there are many quilt groups.  Most local fabric & quilt shops have classes for sewers & quilters where ever you live.  It doesn't matter if you're a beginning or have made many quilts, these groups have all levels of experience within them.  Everyone has something to show, tell and teach.

The Block of the Month Club (BOM) is a group that most every quilt & fabric shop has, and I've enjoyed belonging to our's here on Kauai.  Like all of them, we meet once a month for about 20 minutes.  We're given the fabric to make one 'block', and are shown how to construct it.  After we been shown how to put the block together, we have the opportunity to show and tell any projects we've been working on that we want to share.  The whole meeting takes about 30+ minutes, and I travel an hour to get there, but love it.  The next month, it's another block, and when all 12 months and blocks have passed, each individual puts all their blocks together into their own quilt fashioning it however they want.  The completed quilts from each person are then brought together in one party, and shown off.  It's amazing to see what each person came up with.  Of course more goes on than just that, but hey, we have a good time of it!  And every month, I faithfully go to BOM, and I ALWAYS learn a thing or two! ... and of course it's fun to see everyone.  In our BOM group there's so many of us, we've been broken up into 3 different meeting times, but I know everyone and always look forward to doing this.  This quilt to the right, is my 2016 BOM ------------>

This quilt wasn't about 'the block' for me, it was about the quilting.  At first, I was just going to blow through this BOM quilt and be done with it, as I didn't care for the fabric colors we were given to work with and didn't want to waste to much time with it... but then I thought, 'hey, that's not the way to go about it, there must be something I could do'.  Many in the class had changed up their fabric early on, it was to late in the game for me to do that, I didn't want to take the time to re-mix the blocks, and back peddle.  It became clear that it would be ALL about the Quilting on the Block, NOT the Block, NOT the fabric. There were many techniques I picked up in Erika's class, as always, but a block by itself lacks character without the quilting.  It was my goal (with this particular quilt) to emphasize that in a big way with dense quilting that included "Thread Painting", as well as other quilting techniques and designs that I had yet to discover... something I'd been wanting to do, and BOM quilts are great avenues to experiment and practice on, so I took a lot of time with this particular quilt.  A huge benefit to this approach was I wanted to get more into Free Motion Quilting, and knew I was going to loose a lot more time with this quilt, but NOW the big difference was I had a reason and didn't feel it was a 'waste' of my time anymore.  Yes, I'd have to make time I didn't have for it, but how else to learn and do.  The result blew me away, and to my surprise, everyone else too.  Erika is the manager of Fabric Discount Warehouse, and we are lucky to have her, as she comes from literally a 'legendary' quilt family.  A fantastic Quilter and Teacher.  My little 2016 BOM Quilt hangs in her store, how awesome that is for me.  I achieved what I wanted to with this 2016 BOM Quilt.

Quilting is ABOUT getting together for a Cause !!

During our four days, from 7am to 10pm the sewing room was open to us and I took advantage up to the very end as equipment was being packed up and photo opps out front were being called out.  I managed to get further on my quilt top than planned so was very pleased with the work and the top!

Our Kauai group with Jenny.

Quilting is ABOUT Others and = learning with Others

I'm ready for my closeup Mr. Demille

Quilting is ABOUT retreats with other Quilters !!

Fabric Art is ABOUT anything goes...

Heads Up...

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